ANGELA Classic10W無線充電板

ANGELA Classic10W無線充電板

10W Wireless Charging Pad

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10W Wireless Charging Pad

Are you still using traditional way to charge your phone? The long data line is very troublesome for storage, and it’s not eco-friendly.

Qi is a kind of wireless technology that use electromagnetic induction to charge.

You can keep your phone fully charged wherever you are.

Customize a wireless charger, it’s suitable as a gift or for your own use.


・Dimensions: 9.8 cm x 9.8 cm x 0.6 cm

・Input: 5V / 2A   9V / 2A

・Output: 5V / 1A   9V / 1.2A

・Compatible: 5W / 7.5W / 10W

・Weight only 61g, light and portable

・LED power light: blue light will flash when charging, green light will flash when standing by

・Intimate anti-skid design: non-slip rubber pad is adopted at the bottom, the absorption can prevent sliding

・Sensitive charging induction, available for randomly place and angle

・Fast charging rate with phone case

・ Good compatibility: available for all Qi device

・ Support different brand of mobile phone: include iPhone, Samsung, OPPO and other wireless charging devices (exclude non-wireless charging devices)

・ Provide perfect after-sale service: 6-month maintenance (non-human factors breakdown)

・ Notice: prohibit using wireless charger when the phone has a metal ring, holder or magnetic suction patch on the back

・ Please read the instruction carefully before use

・ Customization: color printing for single side by using your favorite picture, logo and text to create your exclusive wireless charger

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  • 很實用
    Feb 25,2024
    非常滿意~質感超棒會再回購 See translation
    Reviewed by Leo
  • 很輕薄
    Nov 20,2022
    很輕薄 充電效果也不錯 See translation
    Reviewed by 黃郁婷
10W Wireless Charging Pad
162 Customer(s) ratings
  • 很實用
    Feb 25,2024
    非常滿意~質感超棒會再回購 See translation
    Reviewed by Leo
  • 很輕薄
    Nov 20,2022
    很輕薄 充電效果也不錯 See translation
    Reviewed by 黃郁婷
  • 很可愛的設計
    Sep 01,2022
    圖案精緻可愛,輕巧方便,使用起來比傳統充電方式好用多了 See translation
    Reviewed by Gloria.Chen1206
  • 質感滿分,包裝精美
    Jul 10,2022
    希望她會喜歡! See translation
    Reviewed by 黄采霏
  • 很有特色的禮物🎁
    Jun 20,2022

    See translation
    Reviewed by Tracy Ho
  • 超喜歡耶
    Mar 14,2022
    這個設計我真的很喜歡, 還會訂購的 See translation
    Reviewed by poe201471
  • 喜歡耶
    Mar 08,2022
    商品獨特,出貨迅速蠻快的 See translation
    Reviewed by pun258410
  • 實用產品
    Feb 24,2022
    定製很特別,朋友推薦給我購買,充電快而方便 See translation
    Reviewed by ipe12345
  • 商品有質感
    Feb 16,2022
    送禮給別人,他們超愛 See translation
    Reviewed by TAP
  • 精緻好看
    Feb 08,2022
    功能非常棒! 非常方便! See translation
    Reviewed by ise280107
  • Jan 26,2022
    充電板很好用,充電方便 See translation
    Reviewed by Jolin N
  • 品質不錯
    Jan 19,2022
    這已經是我買的第二個,顏值好,手感好 送貨快 See translation
    Reviewed by jsu208120
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Product display and specification
『 ANGELA 』源自希臘語,"天使、信差"之意! 2017.05.22 由台灣2位設計師 Dwight 德懷特 & Viola 薇拉 所共同創立的品牌!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Can it be plugged in when there is no charging?
KUSDOM suggests you to remove the plug when not in use, in order to extend the service life of the charging pad.
What is the print range of this wireless charging pad?
The print range is 9.5 x 9.5 cm.
Design Specs
Printing size 9.5 x 9.5 cm
Advice to User
File Request please provide 150 DPI or above resolution picture. We recommend that referring to the printing size of the product to adjust the image size and resolution; or same as the size of the printed product design (1: 1); or larger than the recommended size to ensure the best printing quality when the product is made.
Design Tips Put all important image and text inside the solid orange line (the printing area). Also, keep a certain distance from the solid orange line to avoid cutting off during printing.

Product printing may be blurred if over-enlarge the picture.
Important Notice
Color Difference Product color on website will be affected by different shooting angles and monitors
Position Deviation There is alignment and cut out process during production. Thus, there may be position deviation
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ANGELA Classic10W無線充電板
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