Leather Luggage Tag

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Luggage Tag
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  • 實品非常有質感!
    Reviewed by Ya Qing Kang Mar 10,2020 See translation
    很滿意很有質感! 謝謝你們的用心
  • 超級超級喜歡
    Reviewed by sherrinn Nov 11,2019 See translation
  • 質感很好 而且寄貨迅速感謝
    Reviewed by 陳胤瑜 Nov 01,2019 See translation
  • 很快收到貨了
    Reviewed by bmd19940520 Aug 12,2019 See translation
  • 出貨快速
    Reviewed by 許舒涵 Jul 02,2019 See translation
  • Love This Personalized Tag
    Reviewed by Laurie Wong Jun 24,2019
    Having a favorite scene on a luggage tag not only helps identify your bag, but gives a nice memory and feeling whenever you see it.
  • Great product
    Reviewed by Rebecca Chung Jun 05,2019
    perfect size for luggage and easily identifiable... cam also be used to tag travel, carry and storage cases
  • Great job
    Reviewed by alexchan7108 Mar 06,2019 See translation
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Luggage Tag

"People who always travel by plane or train know that one of the most distressing things is to find their own bag in thousands of suitcases because most of them look similar. We can't recognize which suitcase belongs to us by its appearance. So, in such a case we need a luggage tag. Though it is just a small plate, it helps a lot. Customize a luggage tag, leave your particular pattern and LOGO on the tag, so that you can  identify your suitcase at a glance among the luggage.

1.High-quality PU material, good tenacity, not easy to damage

2.The card can be pulled out from back side, convenient for writing personal information

3.PVC transparent window design for clear glance

4.metal button on strap, adjustable for connecting with any suitcases

・Tag : 7 cm x 12 cm ; strap : 22 cm x 1.3 cm

・Material: PU 

・Adjustable Luggage tag strap"

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