S925 Sterling Silver Earrings (Pair)

S925 Sterling Silver Earrings (Pair)

S925 Sterling Silver Earrings (Pair)

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S925 Sterling Silver Earrings (Pair)

Jewelry has always had a mysterious appeal for girls, sometimes you do not have to have more to do with your dressing up. A pair of special ear studs with simple pure color clothing will make you brilliant in the crowd. KUSDOM customizable name ear studs are made of 925 silver materials. You can choose Chinese word or English letters. Wearing your name or his name on ears would be a kind of interesting romance. 

・Dimensions: About 1.0-2.0cm in length and 0.5-1.0cm in width, The length varies according to the number of letters

・925 silver material, elegant gloss, not easy to fade

・Simple but fashion, comfortable wearing, not allergies

・Small and exquisite, simple design for pairing with any kind of costume and accessories

・Delicate craftsmanship, personalized design with love and regards

・1 Chinese word and 5 English letters limit

・Available for different English or Chinese word for different sides, eg, one for “Candy”, one for “林”

・KUSDOM provides 4 English fonts and 1 Chinese word font for choice



・Please do not wear it to bed to avoid damage.

・Please avoid perfume or other chemist.

・Please ensure a sealed dry preservation to decrease the possibility of metal oxide.

・Please avoid soap or long-time erosion of sweat.

・Please clean and dry it before storage when the necklace touch sweat.


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  • 優雅時尚又簡約💕
    Reviewed by vvchan Nov 30,2022 See translation
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4.9  (Comments from 15 customer(s))
  • 優雅時尚又簡約💕
    Reviewed by vvchan Nov 30,2022 See translation
  • 簡約
    Reviewed by Koji May 09,2022 See translation
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    送給女友 女友很滿意 讚讚
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    出貨快速, 品質也很優
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S925 Sterling Silver Earrings (Pair)