Card Style Spray Travel Bottle

Card Style Spray Travel Bottle

Card Style Spray Travel Bottle

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Card Style Spray Travel Bottle

Light traveling is the key point during the journey, of course the daily toiletries is radical. But when out of home, big bottles are not only heavy but also space-hogging, and the liquids are not allowed for carrying on the plane. So the sub bottles are very important and practical in this situation. This travel bottle in KUSDOM is applicable for toner, makeup remover or perfume; during this special period of epidemic, it can be used to carry alcohol or disinfectant. The card style appearance design makes it portable and light, which can be put into handbag or backpack casually. Upload the picture, photo, text and stickers to customize your own pattern, it’s good to be a gift for yourself or any others.

・Dimensions: 6 cm x 10.5 cm x 2 cm

・Weight: 43g

・Capacity: 45ml

・Material: ABS + PETG + silicone

・Made of eco-friendly material, non-toxic and odourless, recyclable for toner, makeup remover, perfume, alcohol or disinfectant;

・Plug type sprayer, leak proof design, easy for pressing

・High quality sprayer for wide spray range and fine mist spray

・Transparent bottle for directly view the rest liquid, convenient for supplying at any time

・Card style flat bottle, small and exquisite, will not occupy space in handbag or backpack, convenient for use anytime and anywhere

・Detachable silicone cover, comfortable hand feeling, the perforated design is available for hanging on backpack with string

・Customization: upload your favorite picture, pattern or text to create a special sub bottle for your lovely travel


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  • 很可愛很實用👍
    Reviewed by 江希儀 Dec 25,2021 See translation

5.0  (Comments from 1 customer(s))
  • 很可愛很實用👍
    Reviewed by 江希儀 Dec 25,2021 See translation

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