Double-layer Dust-proof Mask

Double-layer Dust-proof Mask

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As the global epidemic continues to spread, anti-epidemic and protecting become a long-term work. Wearing mask becomes necessary in daily life and outing and the mask becomes the second face for people. Besides the monotonous medical masks, there are a lot of creative masks like 3D make or mask with printing patterns appear in the market. Some youths even wear it as a fashion item. The mask in KUSDOM is made of double-layer polyester which is washable and reusable. It is wind proof, dust proof and haze proof, and also can cut off droplets and pollen. Upload your favorite picture, pattern or text, custom a unique mask, show your exclusive creation when protecting yourself.


・Dimension:  Middle W 16.5 x H 11.5(cm)

                        Large W 18.5 x H 12.5(cm)

・Materials: Double layer polyester

・Skin-friendly material, soft hand feeling, comfortable for wearing

・Double fabric, the outer for safe customizing printing, the inner is made of white cloth, wind proof and air permeable

・High resilience cloth with ear-hang, the size is available for most people’s faces

・The mask is washable and reusable

・Applicable for different occasions, the mask is wind proof, can keep your face warm in autumn or winter, and cut off the pollen; it is also dust proof and haze proof; Ps. the mask is able to cut off droplets, but it can be used as a medical mask

・Upload your favorite picture, pattern or text, custom a unique mask for yourself


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