iPhone Xr Clear Case

iPhone Xr Clear Case

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Production Time :1-3 working days
color: Transparent
TPU Hard Clear Case
Hard TPU with high transparency, durable, shockproof and friction.

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iPhone Xr Clear Case

Different phone case becomes the perfect expression of fashion and personality in our daily life, which make it a necessary accessory for mobile phone. The clothes are particular about style, color or patterns, so is phone case. Most people think the transparent case is toneless, but some one doesn’t want the case shield the unique color of their brand mobile phones. This transparent case in KUSDOM is made of TPU material + acrylic board; compared with other materials, acrylic is stronger and more wear-resistant. It’s transparent like glass and not easy to turn yellow. You can print photo or create any picture, pattern or text on case to make the phone can not only show the personalized design but also present the beauty of the real machine.

・Designed for the iPhone Xr with 6.1 inch screen
・Features a soft touch finished


4.6/ 5.0
9 comments in total
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  • 買了3個貨品 很快就到貨了~
    Reviewed by 許彩嬅 Apr 13,2021 See translation
  • 手機殼質感非常好👍
    Reviewed by 柯品璇 Mar 31,2021 See translation
    喜歡喜歡 每次都不會讓我失望❤️
4.6  (Comments from 9 customer(s))
  • 買了3個貨品 很快就到貨了~
    Reviewed by 許彩嬅 Apr 13,2021 See translation
  • 手機殼質感非常好👍
    Reviewed by 柯品璇 Mar 31,2021 See translation
    喜歡喜歡 每次都不會讓我失望❤️
  • 服務很好 很有耐心替買家解決問題
    Reviewed by Neo Tseng Sep 12,2019 See translation
    服務很好 很有耐心替買家解決問題
  • 很有溫度
    Reviewed by Amy Chow Jul 07,2019 See translation
  • Great
    Reviewed by Richard Gerbec Mar 16,2019 See translation
    I’m prone to dropping my phone and this phone case is the best one I’ve bought no scratches whatsoever.
  • 殼很漂亮
    Reviewed by Chi Liu Feb 26,2019 See translation
  • 整題評價還可以
    Reviewed by 圈圈 林 Feb 11,2019 See translation
    觸感佳 不會刮手 不會太厚
  • great iPhone XR case!
    Reviewed by Kelli W. Dec 18,2018 See translation
    Although abit pricey for what it is, I don't regret buying the product!
    Really suits my iPhone XR
  • New cover"
    Reviewed by Monica Pan Nov 29,2018
    The case is slim, lightweight, easy to grip and visually BEAUTIFUL! I will never buy a case anywhere else. I highly recommend this site and their products!

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