iPhone Xr Matt Case

iPhone Xr Matt Case

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Production Time :3-5 working days
color: White
Matte Case
High-quality hard plastic with matte texture surface, not easy to deform.

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iPhone Xr Matt Case

For each phubber, mobile phone becomes a part of their life and permeates into every aspect of life. Besides the daily use, the phone also can be a decoration or a matching for costume or overall looking. The phone case is the most important way to make your mobile phone become a fashion item. The matt case in KUSDOM is made of hard plastic. Compared with PVC case, it is easier to keep clean. The thin thickness makes the case more comfortable, meanwhilely keeps the deformation for a long time. If you more like matt texture, you can choose this matt case. Customize an exclusive case is KUSDOM, you can print photo or create any picture, pattern or text on case, equip a personal peripheral with high-quality and personality for your phone. 
・Designed for the iPhone Xr with 6.1 inch screen
・Durable hard plastic 



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  • 實物跟網頁上一樣
    Reviewed by Casey Wang Aug 27,2019 See translation
  • 非常喜歡
    Reviewed by 張心怡 Jul 20,2019 See translation
4.8  (Comments from 7 customer(s))
  • 實物跟網頁上一樣
    Reviewed by Casey Wang Aug 27,2019 See translation
  • 非常喜歡
    Reviewed by 張心怡 Jul 20,2019 See translation
  • 下次再來玩客製
    Reviewed by 黃靖婷 Jul 15,2019 See translation
  • 謝謝商家
    Reviewed by R Lu Lan Jul 13,2019 See translation
  • 材質很喜歡
    Reviewed by Mibo Tsai Jul 01,2019 See translation
  • 適合送禮
    Reviewed by 葉君君 Jun 15,2019 See translation
    出貨超快 包裝非常精緻美麗 很適合送禮!
  • iPhone case
    Reviewed by Amy W. Apr 26,2019
    The color of the case was darker than I expected but I love it.

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