Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Bumper Case

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Bumper Case

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Bumper Case

In modern society, mobile phone becomes one of the most indispensable items for everyone. Have you ever had the upset experience that you phone fell to the ground? The screen might be broken or the phone became completely unusable. At this time, phone case, especially the bumper case will be necessary for you. The bumper case is equivalent to a piece of armor that can reduce wear of phone casing and hurt of dropping or soaking effectively. The bumper case in KUSDOM has got simple but lovely appearance. It is made of eco-friendly TPU material that is washable and colorstay. There are collision avoidance airbags in four corner to protect the phone against the damage from direct impacting. Customize an exclusive bumper case in KUSDOM, you can print photo or create any picture, pattern or text on case, equip a personal peripheral with high-quality and personality for your phone. 

・Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 6.4 inch screen


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