iPhone 13 Pro Max Commuter Case

iPhone 13 Pro Max Commuter Case

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Commuter Case
Aluminium plate commuter case + TPU frame, effectively protect the phone.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Commuter Case 

For each phubber, mobile phone becomes a part of their life and permeates into every aspect of life. Besides the daily use, the phone also can be a decoration or a matching for costume or overall looking. The phone case is the most important way to make your mobile phone become a fashion item. The commuter case in KUSDOM is made of TPU soft rubber frame+aluminium plate. The high quality TPU frame is flexibility and wear resistance, which can work against the outside force and has got The material will not affect wireless charging. Extra protection for camera has got protection effect for the phone. Customize an exclusive case is KUSDOM, you can print photo or create any picture, pattern or text on case, equip a personal peripheral with high-quality and personality for your phone.

・Designed for the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 6.7 screen
・Aluminum Sheet + TPU 
・Flexible TPU inner 


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Exquisite knitting with special technics, fine and smooth, wear-resistant and dirt-proof, very easy to wash
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  • 美美的~
    Reviewed by Eddie Wang Sep 01,2022 See translation
    開孔和按鍵也很不錯 👍
  • 符合期望💜
    Reviewed by Wing Yuen Aug 23,2022 See translation
4.8  (Comments from 5 customer(s))
  • 美美的~
    Reviewed by Eddie Wang Sep 01,2022 See translation
    開孔和按鍵也很不錯 👍
  • 符合期望💜
    Reviewed by Wing Yuen Aug 23,2022 See translation
  • 真實貨品比網上展示的更好看。
    Reviewed by 小潔許 Jul 30,2022 See translation
  • 從包裝開始就很有質感,很喜歡
    Reviewed by Fanny Chen Jan 26,2022 See translation
  • 整個氣質加分?
    Reviewed by Sih-Rong Chen Nov 30,2021 See translation
    再加上客製化名字 好喜歡?

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Commuter Case