Baby Pocket Bib

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Baby Pocket Bib


Baby pocket bib looks the same as common hand towel, but actually it is softer and multi-functional: besides for wiping up saliva, it can be used to make foams when taking shower for baby. Sometimes you forget to carry hat when outing, the bib can be folded to be a temporary hat. Compared with tissue, the advantage of pocket bib is eco-friendly. Because the tissue only can be used for once or twice, but the bib can be used recurrently. And the tissue may cause scraps which is unsafe for baby. In addition, the pretty pocket bib is decorative. Customize a baby pocket bib with favorite picture, pattern or text, it will be a good birthday gift or souvenir for your kid. 


・Material : Neoprene 
・Soft and comfortable
・Simply fold and button up the front of the bib to make the crumb catcher pocket
・Adjustable neck width by 2 button snap



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  • 圖案上印刷的還不錯
    Reviewed by 周北極 Aug 31,2021 See translation
  • 很可愛
    Reviewed by Julie.H Aug 12,2021 See translation
4.9  (Comments from 10 customer(s))
  • 圖案上印刷的還不錯
    Reviewed by 周北極 Aug 31,2021 See translation
  • 很可愛
    Reviewed by Julie.H Aug 12,2021 See translation
  • 質感很好
    Reviewed by 謝佩芳 Jul 03,2021 See translation
  • 還會在買唷
    Reviewed by 徐慧芳 Apr 26,2021 See translation
  • 快速
    Reviewed by y600522 Apr 20,2021 See translation
  • 很適合
    Reviewed by Apple Chong Jan 18,2021 See translation
  • 很可愛呢!
    Reviewed by Cathy Joe Jan 16,2021 See translation
  • 品質不錯,蠻喜歡的!
    Reviewed by clock5312 Jan 14,2021 See translation
  • 很柔軟不怕弄到小孩子
    Reviewed by yimen Nov 01,2020 See translation
  • 大推薦~~~
    Reviewed by 黃馨儀 Oct 26,2020 See translation

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