Mobile Phone Sterilizer

Mobile Phone Sterilizer

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UV Phone Sanitzer

If you always keep your phone nearby, your phone is probably full of bacteria. The study found that we touch our phones up to 150 times a day. Scientists have found 7000 different types of bacteria in samples of mobile phones. It is even worse: when you use your phone, the temperature will go up which provide a favorable condition for the growth of bacteria. The main reason why bacteria clumping together on mobile phone is because the users do not pay enough attention to phone cleaning. Especially under such circumstances of raging epidemic, some study indicates that the life time of coronavirus on smooth surface such as phone screen, is longer than on surface of other materials. Therefore it’s necessary to sterilize your phone regularly. 


KUSDOM this multi-functional phone sterilizer, uses the same ultraviolet technology as hospital sterilization to make the killing rate of bacteria and viruses as high as 99.99%. Moreover, it has got the charging function for phone so that you can sterilize and charge your phone at the same time. Besides mobile phone, the inwashable daily used items like headphone, key or notes and coins are also available to be sterilized in the box, that make your life secure and carefree. We provide customized service for this product, you can create your photo, picture or text on it, the color printing for single side will perfectly impress your creation.

・Dimensions: 21.7 cm x 12.4 cm x 2.7 cm

・Material: ABS

・UV wavelength: 253.7nm

・USB output: DC5V/0.5-1.8A

・Rated voltage: DC5V/1-2A



・Sterilization power: 5W

・Maximum power: 9W

・Working temperature: -10°-45°

・Wireless charging: 5W










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