8000mAh Rectangle Power Bank

8000mAh Rectangle Power Bank

8000mAh Rectangle Power Bank

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8000mAh Rectangle Power Bank 


・Dimensions: 6.3 cm x 9.3 cm x 2.2 cm 

・Input: DC5V / 1A

・Output: DC5V / 2.1-1A

・Battery capacity: 8000 mAh

・Dual input ports: Micro Input/Type-C

・Dual output ports: 2 USB

・Simple design, eco-friendly material case, smooth sense of touch, hidden hole for lanyard

・Equipped with cable, support charging for most electronic products in the market

・Available for charging Type-C and Micro port device at the same time

・LED light for indicating the battery 

・Small and exquisite design, nice thin body which can be put into pocket, easy for carrying around

・Notice: please unplug it immediately after full-charged to prevent power loss

・Customization: available printing for selfie, family or pet photo and text


・Color printing for single side, perfectly impress your creation


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  • 充電時不會過熱
    May 02,2023
    行動電源非常輕薄好收納,充電時不會過熱 See translation
    Reviewed by miky
  • 很漂亮 雙輸入行動電源
    Apr 16,2022
    充電速度還挺快,外出小小一個也不佔地方 See translation
    Reviewed by 黃品瑜
8000mAh Rectangle Power Bank
9 Customer(s) ratings
  • 充電時不會過熱
    May 02,2023
    行動電源非常輕薄好收納,充電時不會過熱 See translation
    Reviewed by miky
  • 很漂亮 雙輸入行動電源
    Apr 16,2022
    充電速度還挺快,外出小小一個也不佔地方 See translation
    Reviewed by 黃品瑜
  • 質感很好
    Jun 28,2021
    超好用? See translation
    Reviewed by Jimmy
  • 不錯
    Apr 04,2021
    使用愉快的好商品 See translation
    Reviewed by momi00
  • 小巧可愛的
    Jan 21,2021
    小巧可愛的 See translation
    Reviewed by -chensity-
  • 收到很開心
    Dec 11,2020
    收到很開心?!照片做出來很好看 See translation
    Reviewed by 鄭欣如
  • 很唯美!
    Apr 28,2020
    收到了!比想像中快 而且真的好好看:) See translation
    Reviewed by esther2323
  • 很美~
    Apr 27,2020
    很快就拿到了,很喜歡,很美~ See translation
    Reviewed by weiweiling
  • 送給先森的禮物
    Apr 26,2020
    送給先森的禮物,很是喜歡:))) 謝謝這麼棒的idea! See translation
    Reviewed by Chloe

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KUSDOM Corporate Project, a more economical customizing plan: you might enjoy bulk order services of thousands of products, which are provided by our corporate service group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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About shipping
The product will be shipped by special logistics because of the lithium battery inside, so that date of service may be later than other products. PS. Shipping time is unequal to production time on product detail page.
How can I choose the appropriate power bank?
The bigger capacity power bank has got a longer battery life, but it will be heavier in relative terms. KUSDOM has got multiple capacities for choice: we suggest 2500mAh~5000mAh for emergency demand, and capacity over 10000mAh for business trip or long journey.
Does the power bank have guarantee period?
Yes, we 've got 1 year guarantee for non-human factor damage.
Can I charge the bank while charging a device?
No, we wouldn't recommend doing that with any charging bank.
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8000mAh Rectangle Power Bank