10000mAh Multi-Functional Power Bank with Night Light

10000mAh Multi-Functional Power Bank with Night Light

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10000mAh Multi-Functional Power Bank with Night Light

Beside the advantages of portable size and convenience of recharging the mobile phone at any time, various other functions become highlight of the power bank. This creative multi-functional power bank, perfectly combines power bank, night light, phone holder and flashlight together. It’s small but fully functional, applicable for home life, business trip, travel outdoor, hiking and camping, which can make your life more convenient. Add your picture, pattern, text or stickers to custom an exclusive power bank for yourself or for others as a gift.

・Dimensions: 8.8 cm x 8.8 cm x 3.5/5.5 cm
・Weight: 250g
・Material: Plastic + silicone
・Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
・Battery: Polymer lithium ion cell
・Input:  5V / 2.1A
・Output: 5V / 2.1A
・Built-in 2 cables (iPhone and Type-C), can support three devices to charge quickly at the same time, available for most mobile devices in the market
・With smart digital indicator light for battery in order to charge your power bank in time
・Interesting design, pull up it gently can be a night light, 3000k warm light, comfortable and not dazzling
・Hidden holder with occupying small space, can be used as phone holder, convenient for watching videos when recharging
・Strong LED light, can be a flashlight when outdoor at night
・Smart chip, which can improve the charge conversion rate and stabilize the discharge voltage, quick charging will not hurt your phone
・Notice: please unplug it immediately after full-charged to prevent power loss
・Customized color printing for single side, available for selfie, family or pet photo and text


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  • 還算ok
    Reviewed by Jamie Lam Feb 16,2023 See translation
  • 型是好看的!!!!
    Reviewed by 洪美汶 Oct 25,2022 See translation
4.8  (Comments from 15 customer(s))
  • 還算ok
    Reviewed by Jamie Lam Feb 16,2023 See translation
  • 型是好看的!!!!
    Reviewed by 洪美汶 Oct 25,2022 See translation
  • 整體來說還不錯!
    Reviewed by Cing Ying Oct 19,2022 See translation
    物件同相一樣 👍🏻
  • 很實用的行動充電
    Reviewed by zhong_0805 Oct 19,2022 See translation
  • 非常耐電
    Reviewed by 于學忠 Sep 21,2022 See translation
  • 充電很快
    Reviewed by Claris Sep 05,2022 See translation
  • 商品很優
    Reviewed by f30864v Mar 11,2022 See translation

  • 插畫很可愛,設計很貼心
    Reviewed by pp_ Feb 16,2022 See translation
  • 好靚??
    Reviewed by xo808ox Jan 25,2022 See translation

  • 質感佳
    Reviewed by 林藙文 Dec 17,2021 See translation
  • 包裝精緻
    Reviewed by 邱佳儀 Sep 29,2021
    Thanks! They are sooooooo pretty!
  • 順利在出國前收到了!
    Reviewed by 黃竹生 Sep 02,2021 See translation
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10000mAh Multi-Functional Power Bank with Night Light