Mini Anion Air Purifier

Mini Anion Air Purifier

Mini Anion Air Purifier

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Mini Anion Air Purifier

Are you always annoyed by air problems? Whether haze weather or automobile exhaust on road, or foul smell and second-hand smoke in enclosure space...there's always threats in the air and harm your respiratory system. This mini anion air purifier has got a tiny body which can be worn like a necklace. The lightweight will not bring any burden for your neck. The purifier is multi-functional for various pollution. Customize it with your photo, pictures and text, the unique design will make it a special adornment on you, and bring a healthy and fresh environment at the same time.

・Dimensions: 4.6 cm x 4.6 cm x 1.7 cm
・Material: ABS
・Weight: 50g
・Battery Capacity: 250mAh
・BLACK TECH OF PURIFICATION: Various pollution problems can be saved, provides you fresh air and healthy life
・MULTI-FUNCTIONS: For degerming, removing smoke, PM2.5, dust and pollen
・MINI AND PORTABLE: Mini size with lightweight, can be hanging on neck, or anywhere
・CAR PURIFIER: Can be used as a car purifier and make your feeling delighted
・NO CONSUMABLE MATERIAL: No need to change filter, eco-friendly and convenient
・LONG STANDBY TIME: Universal and convenient USB charging, can be used for a long time

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  • 小巧的淨化器
    Reviewed by 潮陽_sh Mar 09,2023 See translation
    出貨蠻快的,包裝 客服都很好
  • 體積很小,使用沒有噪音.
    Reviewed by Yvonne Sep 12,2022 See translation
5.0  (Comments from 5 customer(s))
  • 小巧的淨化器
    Reviewed by 潮陽_sh Mar 09,2023 See translation
    出貨蠻快的,包裝 客服都很好
  • 體積很小,使用沒有噪音.
    Reviewed by Yvonne Sep 12,2022 See translation
  • 不會佔空間!非常好👍🏻
    Reviewed by Miko Chen Jul 08,2022 See translation
  • 商品精巧、體積剛好,使用上無困難
    Reviewed by LuXi Wu Jun 12,2022 See translation
  • 出貨很快
    Reviewed by lenalena Sep 20,2021 See translation

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Mini Anion Air Purifier