Terleia Electric Heating Lunch Box

Terleia Electric Heating Lunch Box

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Terleia Electric Heating Lunch Box

Daily lunch is a cardinal task for both students and commuters. If eating out or taking away food can not satisfy you, but brown-bagged lunch takes too much trouble to heat in microwave oven, why not try this electric heating lunch box. It is made of uncoated 316 stainless steel, plug and play with no water, the constant temperature preservation function provides you fresh food at any time. Upload your favorite picture, text or color to customize a special lunch box, which will always bring you good mood for dinner.

・Dimensions: 22.5 cm x 11.6 cm x 8.8 cm
・Weight: 1000g
・Material: Stainless steel+PC+ABS
・Input: 24V
・Power: 48W
・Rated frequency: 50Hz
・A delicate appearance with soft color, smooth line and matting touch;
・Antibacterial level 316 stainless steel, no coating, more sanitary and healthier;
・Plug and play with no water, quite heating with no noise;
・Shaped heating on the bottom, uniform heat transfer and 360°circulating heating can heat the food evenly;
・70℃ constant temperature to lock the nutrition, the food will not be stale because of overheating;
・Magnetic connector, available for body wash, which brings you more convenient washing experiences;
・Built-in silicone ring with good leakproofness, the soup is not easy to leak;
・Detachable double-layer design, different foods can be put separately, which can keep original flavor;
・Customization: color printing, add your favorite image, logo or text, create your exclusive double-layer lunch box.

Attention: Please open the exhaust valve before opening the lid;
DO NOT put in the oven, dishwasher and disinfection cabinet for use.


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  • 很適合學生們
    Reviewed by 宋秋雲 Apr 25,2023 See translation
  • 飯盒外觀很漂亮
    Reviewed by 曾彥誠 Feb 01,2023 See translation
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  • 很適合學生們
    Reviewed by 宋秋雲 Apr 25,2023 See translation
  • 飯盒外觀很漂亮
    Reviewed by 曾彥誠 Feb 01,2023 See translation
  • 容量
    Reviewed by 淑美 何 Jan 21,2023 See translation
  • 十分有質感❤️
    Reviewed by EllCN Aug 24,2022 See translation
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    Reviewed by 心裡嗨 Jul 10,2022 See translation
  • 手感好
    Reviewed by 林襪子 Jun 28,2022 See translation
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Terleia Electric Heating Lunch Box