Framed Jigsaw Puzzle (120 Pieces)

Framed Jigsaw Puzzle (120 Pieces)

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Framed Jigsaw Puzzle (120 Pieces)

This Framed Puzzle effectively trains the player's concentration, logical thinking ability, and hand-eye coordination.  It is also a relaxing game and helping you to get better sleep before going to bed. Made of sturdy cardboard and mounted on chipboard. Give a custom puzzle as a gift by turning your favorite photos, designs, text into game today ! 

・DIMENSIONS:32.8 cm x 24 cm x 2 cm
・MATERIAL: Cardboard + Chipboard
・HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The puzzle pieces are made of high-quality cardboard which use eco-friendly printing ink on it. It’s safe and non-toxic, friendly for kids. And the pieces are bend-resistant with appropriate thickness for lasting playing and preserving.
・WELL FRAMED: The puzzle is displayed with wooden frame and chipboard. The holder and attached hinged hanger on the back can help you to put it on the desk, hang vertically or horizontally on the wall. You can continue to admire it for years to come.
・GREAT GIFT: In case you are looking to fresh your brain with some good mental games or you want to quiet the mind. This puzzle gift can tap into your creativity and rewire your brains to make "connections". Add your own designs on it and make the gift exclusive and creative.
・Full color print on one side of the puzzle

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  • 銀河好美
    Aug 06,2023
    圖片精美,非常喜歡 See translation
    Reviewed by 黃祥恩
  • Jul 03,2023
    See translation
    Reviewed by Pupu Huang
Framed Jigsaw Puzzle (120 Pieces)
164 Customer(s) ratings
  • 銀河好美
    Aug 06,2023
    圖片精美,非常喜歡 See translation
    Reviewed by 黃祥恩
  • Jul 03,2023
    See translation
    Reviewed by Pupu Huang
  • 送給朋友
    May 20,2023
    也非常喜歡這次的客製化商品 See translation
    Reviewed by Lisa Fu
  • 只要上傳照片,就可以客製化啦,真的很方便
    Apr 10,2023
    很適合送給另一半,或是想要保存的事物都很好✅ See translation
    Reviewed by 國蓉英
  • 服務很優
    Mar 18,2023
    客服很有耐心,謝謝幫我做出了想要的效果,質感不錯的 See translation
    Reviewed by Susie Yim
  • 太喜歡了
    Nov 11,2022
    完全超乎預期的商品品質,感謝賣家的用心回覆及快速的出貨! See translation
    Reviewed by 楊晨恩
  • 品質很不錯
    Sep 13,2022
    相框質量很好哦,拼圖印製呈現效果也好棒 See translation
    Reviewed by 張俊熙
  • 成品質感還不錯~
    Jul 11,2022
    我朋友收到禮物好開心~ See translation
    Reviewed by chenjanice
  • colorful
    Mar 23,2022
    beautiful painting love looking at it
    Reviewed by Bobbie
  • 幾好
    Mar 17,2022
    相框大小尺寸剛好,高大上 See translation
    Reviewed by 九龍loo
  • 點讚
    Mar 16,2022
    客服好有耐心,回應很快,相框質感很好,拼圖也很有趣,想要介紹給朋友 See translation
    Reviewed by MAY五
  • 超級可愛?
    Mar 14,2022
    拼圖很有質感 超級可愛??? See translation
    Reviewed by baby202
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Framed Jigsaw Puzzle (120 Pieces)