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16 評論
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  • 非常喜歡!
    Hua-Zhuo Kao 所留下的評價 Jun 23,2020
  • 好美好喜歡
    Hebe Wang 所留下的評價 Jun 22,2020
  • 出貨快
    Camille 所留下的評價 Jun 18,2020
  • 我很喜歡
    Karen Liu 所留下的評價 Jun 04,2020
  • 印刷品質很好
    Mickey Lin 所留下的評價 May 05,2020
    已經收到貨囉,印刷的品質很好,謝謝 ^^
  • 11
    子弘 楊 所留下的評價 Jul 13,2019
  • 商品優質
    徐冠潁 所留下的評價 Jul 01,2019
  • Awesome mug
    Pam Scott 所留下的評價 Jun 17,2019
    Awesome mug
  • Love these!!
    Lauren K 所留下的評價 Jun 16,2019
    These are even better than I expected! I wanted an Old Fashioned pretty look for my master bath. You can't find towels like these in the stores anywhere
  • Cool towels.
    Janet Ivey 所留下的評價 Jun 14,2019
    Ordered these for our bathroom - wanted some color and something out of the ordinary. We really like the towels. They are nice and large size and plenty thick.
  • beautiful product
    Susan Church 所留下的評價 Jun 07,2019
    The had towels are a very generous size and the printing quality is beautiful . the top side of the towel (the printed side ) is very soft and the back side has a terry cloth feel . Overall great quality and I look forward to using them .
  • 發貨快速
    f127873932 所留下的評價 Jun 01,2019
    已收到了 值得推薦的買家
  • Just lovely!
    Nira Fork 所留下的評價 May 01,2019
    I love it - the print is gorgeous and the towel is so soft.
  • Amazing!
    Scott J 所留下的評價 Mar 23,2019
    They're all so soft! Will be purchasing more in the future.
  • So fast
    Mimi Fong 所留下的評價 Feb 24,2019
    Arrived so quickly....couldn’t believe it! Excellent product. Highly recommended.
  • Snake towel
    Alice M. 所留下的評價 Aug 22,2018
    Fast shipping and my daughter loved the quality of the towel. Durable fabric, yet soft feeling.

27x12吋浴巾 ​

浴巾是由超細纖維材質製作,尺寸為27 x 12英寸的浴巾,長為70cm寬為35cm;超細纖維材質具有柔軟和抗撕裂的高強度,使用時感到輕盈不厚重;此毛巾的材質可迅速吸收水分,具有較高的實用性;請勿透過漂白水和烘乾經,以防客製化圖案褪色產生;適合送禮和自用,也適合各樣的場合,浴室、游泳池或沙灘海邊;提供不同的尺寸,讓您可以做選擇;KUSDOM提供客製化的服務,您可以客製上任何喜歡的照片、圖片、顏色和文字,打造出獨一無二、專屬於您的獨特浴巾。

・尺寸:  70 cm x 35 cm
・材料: 超細纖維

印刷尺寸 75 X 35 CM
Advice to User
File Request please provide 150 DPI or above resolution picture. We recommend that referring to the printing size of the product to adjust the image size and resolution; or same as the size of the printed product design (1: 1); or larger than the recommended size to ensure the best printing quality when the product is made.
Design Tips Put all important image and text inside the solid orange line (the printing area). Also, keep a certain distance from the solid orange line to avoid cutting off during printing.

Product printing may be blurred if over-enlarge the picture.
Important Notice
Color Difference Product color on website will be affected by different shooting angles and monitors
Position Deviation There is alignment and cut out process during production. Thus, there may be position deviation