Auto Open/Close Umbrella

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Auto Open/Close Umbrella


The weather is either burning sunny day or rainy day in summer. Umbrella becomes a a daily necessity for everyone in this season. KUSDOM provides customized umbrella to let you stand out from the monotonous colors. The material of umbrella fabric has got good functions of heat insulation, shading and water proof. Raindrops will fall down naturally when using. Shake it after using, the water will leave the cover immediately. High-quality steel umbrella ribs, durable and not easy to get rusty with comfortable hand feeling, can resist strong wind and rain effectively. Automatic design, available for opening umbrella in one hand, which is more convenient and faster. It can not only be personalized gift, but also to be the advertising umbrella for corporations and organizations. The customized umbrella with LOGO can be the free propagandist in the street. Customize your favorite picture, pattern, color or text, enjoy a distinctive life style. 


・Dimensions: 105 cm (diameter)  x 54.4 cm (length) x 8 ribs
・Frame: Steel




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  • 回覆快速
    Reviewed by Peichen Li Jul 29,2021 See translation
  • 超有質感的!
    Reviewed by gulun Apr 23,2021 See translation
4.7  (Comments from 9 customer(s))
  • 回覆快速
    Reviewed by Peichen Li Jul 29,2021 See translation
  • 超有質感的!
    Reviewed by gulun Apr 23,2021 See translation
  • 很棒呢!
    Reviewed by Pauline Dec 21,2020 See translation
  • 質感很好
    Reviewed by carol57925 Nov 09,2020 See translation
  • 輕便
    Reviewed by hsujungchi Jun 02,2020 See translation
    質感很好 也比一般自動傘輕一些
  • 產品很有質感又不失大方
    Reviewed by Julia Wu Sep 21,2019 See translation
  • 老爸說這是他收到最棒的父親節禮物:)
    Reviewed by Ya-Shan Jian Aug 09,2019 See translation
  • 獨一無二的禮物給我朋友~ 希望她收到後能很開心
    Reviewed by Emma Ho Jul 29,2019 See translation
  • 色彩漂亮
    Reviewed by Diane Nov 30,-0001 See translation

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