Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

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Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

The most amazing stuffed toy in the world since year 1898, which is always used to comfort children. KUSDOM knows that teddy bear is the forever friend of many children, it accompanies their nap, game and any other time. Safety of children is the question we concern about. The teddy bear from KUSDOM conforms to safe production process, give you the most reassuring and appropriate gift for children, girlfriend or wife. The cloth on teddy bear is customizable. Make it unique through design and creation, let it be the exclusive intimate playmate of your children. 


We believe Teddy bears are more than fur & stuffing. It has an adorable expression, a lifetime of companionship and always ready for hugs; It is a thoughtful gift for wives, girlfriends, and children. This adorable teddy bear wears a t-shirt that can be customized.

・Dimensions:23 cm x 25 cm x 19 cm


・Soft & Cuddly: Soft and scruffy plush fur and floppy body.

・Gift For:Makes a perfect gift for boys, girls, and kids of all ages.

・High-quality:With surface-washable fur and durable stitching. 

・On the t-shirt is a vacant printable space of 7.5 cm x 3.5 cm 

・Washing Guide:The teddy bear’s matching t-shirt can be easily removed for washing, making it very convenient to keep it clean.





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  • 很可愛!
    Reviewed by nanalau Jul 02,2021 See translation
  • 樣子好可愛呀!!
    Reviewed by spinoza Jun 11,2021 See translation
4.7  (Comments from 18 customer(s))
  • 很可愛!
    Reviewed by nanalau Jul 02,2021 See translation
  • 樣子好可愛呀!!
    Reviewed by spinoza Jun 11,2021 See translation
  • 讚喔
    Reviewed by 何芳婷 Apr 14,2021 See translation
    真的快速 照片製作真的一樣
  • 包裝很漂亮
    Reviewed by Thorns Sin Apr 12,2021 See translation
  • 女朋友很喜歡
    Reviewed by Claire潘 Mar 19,2021 See translation
  • 設計很好
    Reviewed by 趙璇凊 Feb 22,2021 See translation
  • 很好看的公仔
    Reviewed by kaivalya Jan 30,2021 See translation
  • 真的好喜歡~
    Reviewed by pekoe Jan 18,2021 See translation
  • 實品質感不錯~
    Reviewed by Tn Dzway Jan 08,2021 See translation
  • 可愛
    Reviewed by vicky005101 Jun 04,2020 See translation
  • 收到了!好喜歡啊!
    Reviewed by Szu-Ying Ho May 07,2020 See translation
  • 前几天收到的
    Reviewed by 伴我童行 May 03,2020 See translation
  • 超級可愛
    Reviewed by Avery Zheng May 02,2020 See translation
  • Reviewed by travelapple Apr 30,2020 See translation
  • 很喜歡
    Reviewed by Daisy Apr 11,2020 See translation
  • 非常喜欢
    Reviewed by Camellia_Aries Dec 07,2019 See translation
  • 好迅速
    Reviewed by PJM萝卜 Nov 23,2019 See translation
  • 很可愛
    Reviewed by Chloe May 02,2019 See translation

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Does the product shed hair?
The external material of the toy is made of plush. A rare case of shedding may caused by your using way. It's not easy to shed hair under normal conditions.
Is the clothes on toy changable?
Yes, it is very convenient to clean.
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Printing size 7.5 x 3.5 cm
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