Portable Frosted Glass Water Bottle, 13oz

Portable Frosted Glass Water Bottle, 13oz

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Portable Frosted Glass Water Bottle, 13oz

Frosted glass water bottle has got special granular texture which provides greater force of friction for more stable hand holding. The water bottle body is euphotic but not perspective, this feature makes the printing pattern can emerge its unique sense of beauty. It is small and cute, the 400ml standard capacity will satisfy your daily drinking demands. High borosilicate glass material is safe for hot water. The lanyard on bottle lid is very convenient for carrying around. Customize any picture or pattern your recipient like to make your regards distinguished from others.

・Dimension: 13.8 cm height x 7 cm diameter
・Material: High borosilicate glass + Plastic
・Capacity: 13oz / 400ml
・Weight: 200g
・Food grade high borosilicate glass without any heavy metal like plumbum, safe and healthy;
・Can support temperature of water from 0℃ to 100℃, cold resistant, heat resistant and non-blowout;
・ Smooth bottle lip with screw thread, comfortable for drinking;
・Silicone sealing ring for effectively preventing water leakage, you can place the bottle at anywhere;
・Lanyard design on bottle lid, you can choose to hold the bottle or carry it by lanyard, very convenient for outdoor taking;
・Customization: create your favorite picture, pattern or text to make daily drinking pleasantly.


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  • 好攜帶
    Reviewed by 王怡婷 May 16,2023 See translation
  • 質量還是不錯的跟描述的一樣
    Reviewed by Miranda Nov 18,2022 See translation
4.7  (Comments from 9 customer(s))
  • 好攜帶
    Reviewed by 王怡婷 May 16,2023 See translation
  • 質量還是不錯的跟描述的一樣
    Reviewed by Miranda Nov 18,2022 See translation
  • 材質超出預期
    Reviewed by 徐啟杰 Nov 17,2022 See translation
  • 杯子美美的!
    Reviewed by Hua Lee Oct 18,2022 See translation
  • 顏值超高!!
    Reviewed by 是柚子D Sep 21,2022 See translation
  • 很有質感
    Reviewed by 蔡依萍 Sep 19,2022 See translation
  • 非常的喜歡❤️
    Reviewed by Maly Tzeng Sep 07,2022 See translation
    玻璃商品包裝的很好 沒有任何外力損傷,品質良好 質感👍🏻
  • 挺不錯的
    Reviewed by 許子諾 Sep 06,2022 See translation
  • 很可愛
    Reviewed by 黃佳佳 Aug 18,2022 See translation

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Portable Frosted Glass Water Bottle, 13oz