Push-button Flip Lid Vacuum Cup, 17oz

Push-button Flip Lid Vacuum Cup, 17oz

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Push-button Flip Lid Vacuum Cup, 17oz

Thermal tumbler is a common household item that you need it whether you are at home or in travel. It has got the function of heat or cold insulation: can be used to contain ice or ice water to enjoy the cool feeling in summer, or contain hot water in winter. This push-button flip lid vacuum cup has got safe lock , which will not cause leakage for thing sealing design. The pop-up design allows you to open it with one-button operation, more convenient to use.

・Dimensions : 22.5 cm height x 6.3 cm diameter
・Material : 304 Stainless steel 
・Capacity: 17 oz /500ml
・Spray lacquer outer layer, skin-friendly touch feeling, scratch proof, elegant and exquisite
・ Food grade 304 stainless steel inner container, high-density electroplated coatings; smooth, not easy to remain dirt and breed bacteria; provides you a secure and pure drinking experience;
・Food grade silicone loop for stable sealing effect, watertight with shaking and inverting;
・Food grade PP material pop-up cup lid, one-button operating, available for single hand;
・Human engineering water outlet, fit your lips, smooth and prevent leakage
・Different temperatures for 6-12 hours efficient heat preservation, cold insulation for summer and thermal insulation for winter, accompany you through all the seasons.


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  • 非常保溫
    Reviewed by Jovie Sep 26,2022 See translation
  • 有質感👍🏻
    Reviewed by ophilia Aug 14,2022 See translation
4.7  (Comments from 21 customer(s))
  • 非常保溫
    Reviewed by Jovie Sep 26,2022 See translation
  • 有質感👍🏻
    Reviewed by ophilia Aug 14,2022 See translation
  • 瓶身是不易刮花的材質
    Reviewed by Eden Jul 21,2022 See translation

  • 產品跟圖片完全一樣,很漂亮很喜歡?
    Reviewed by hannyalex Mar 07,2022 See translation

  • 質感很好、很漂亮~保溫效果也不錯
    Reviewed by 黃允聖 Feb 16,2022 See translation
  • 快速 品質好
    Reviewed by Yu-Cin Shih Jan 22,2022 See translation
  • 質量好,包裝美
    Reviewed by Iris Dec 12,2021 See translation
  • 質感不錯
    Reviewed by gigi chang Nov 16,2021 See translation

  • 好用?
    Reviewed by Kirsty Oct 12,2021 See translation
  • 製成品質素好,推薦!
    Reviewed by Sharren Sep 28,2021 See translation
    服務好 物品質感讚
  • 真的很輕巧,蓋鎖很好,不易誤開
    Reviewed by Ka Ka Aug 23,2021 See translation
  • 質感優
    Reviewed by Mon Jul 19,2021 See translation
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Push-button Flip Lid Vacuum Cup, 17oz