Overlock Rectangle Mouse Pad (Small)

Overlock Rectangle Mouse Pad (Small)

Overlock Rectangle Mouse Pad (Small)

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Overlock Rectangle Mouse Pad (Small)

Computer as the essential product in current daily life. How to use it comfortably concerns if we can finish the tasks efficiently. For general office user, a comfortable mouse pad is the most direct way to increase the efficiency of mouse. For game player or electronic sports player, a high-quality can enhance their operating experience, let them more enjoy the game or achieve better results. Mouse pad of KUSDOM, the surface is made of good-quality cloth. The pattern of the cloth can provide exact frictional resistance when the mouse moving and enhance precise location. The back of pad is made of non-slip rubber, which can closely attach to table. The fine merrow makes the cloth not easy to curl up. Customize an exclusive mouse pad, you can create any pictures, pattern or text with simple steps. If you have got a friend who is a game enthusiast, you can customize the game image on it, this will be a surprising gift for him.

・Dimensions: 20 cm x 24 cm x 0.3 cm
・Material :  Fabric + Rubber
・The clothing surface is smooth and comfortable, which can help the mouse to position precisely
・Fine and exquisite merrow design, which makes the mouse pad durable and have got a longer service life
・Special pattern rubber bottom, healthy and safe with good skid resistance
・Customization: color printing, add your favorite image, logo or text, create your exclusive mouse pad.

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  • 包裝用心 物品精美
    Reviewed by Yan Lee Jul 25,2022 See translation
  • 很期待的一樣商品
    Reviewed by Mr.徐 Jul 07,2022 See translation

4.8  (Comments from 18 customer(s))
  • 包裝用心 物品精美
    Reviewed by Yan Lee Jul 25,2022 See translation
  • 很期待的一樣商品
    Reviewed by Mr.徐 Jul 07,2022 See translation

  • 很棒!很漂亮!客製化很喜歡💕
    Reviewed by 吳麗惠 Jun 20,2022 See translation
  • 很快就收到貨了!!謝謝
    Reviewed by luther Jun 02,2022 See translation

  • 很喜歡,比預期還佳!
    Reviewed by 尹光頭仔 May 16,2022 See translation
    質感很棒呦 可惜顏色有點微暗

  • 質感還不錯
    Reviewed by Janny Ko May 03,2022 See translation
  • 禮物包裝上也有質感
    Reviewed by 不信邪 Apr 16,2022 See translation

  • 質感不錯也可愛!
    Reviewed by Chiaming su Mar 15,2022 See translation
  • 很特別有趣的滑鼠墊
    Reviewed by 吳育瑞 Jan 29,2022 See translation
  • very nice
    Reviewed by Cynthia Jan 04,2022
    the shipping was ridiculous but I love the final product.
  • 喜歡?
    Reviewed by 梅筱瑜 Oct 25,2021 See translation

  • 很美哦
    Reviewed by 周廷勳 Oct 14,2021 See translation
    快速超漂亮 包裝精緻
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Overlock Rectangle Mouse Pad (Small)