iPhone 5/5s Matte Case
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The elders watch us grow and care for us in every possible way. In each festivals and special occasions, we always prepare gifts in return. Sometimes we are bothered by what to give for presents. When it comes to gifts, it's not the more expensive the better. The priceless item may not please elders. Therefore, the moderate gift is only the best.
Firstly, gift should cater to their likes: just find out their special hobbies or something used a lot. For example, some elders still have to travel for business, you can choose to customize a power bank to keep communication all the times. 
Moreover, the most critical point is healthy and intimation. From a health perspective, design a unique neck pillow, throw pillow or seat cushion is a not bad idea, which can help them to release their neck and back. Or, create a vacuum cup, they can enjoy hot tea or coffee whatever they like.