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Shopping Rebate

1.KUSDOM will refund 6% effective payment amount to wallet in account when the order has been paid successfully.

2.The effective payment includes credit card, bank transfer and Paypal. Shopping rebate will be counted include freight but after applying coupon code or volume discount.

3.Customer doesn’t enjoy shopping rebate when buying gift card. And credit in wallet (including gift card top up) will not be counted into shopping rebate when purchasing.

4.If for various reasons the purchasing process is unsuccessful, such as order returning or canceling, and the refund amount is credited back to the KUSDOM account, KUSDOM will not revoke the shopping rebates earned from this purchase. However, when you use the funds in your KUSDOM account to pay for future orders, no shopping rebates will be generated.

5.In case of sales return, and the shopping rebate of this order has been used in other purchase, KUSDOM will deduct this amount from refund.

6.Small amount gift will not participate in shopping rebate activity.

7.The products in Order in Bulk will not participate in shopping rebate activity.