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$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/AS3104 37.9000
548 548 548 Neck pillow
4.9 386
Very good!
Group your creations to make an exquisite gift set with a gift box
Provide thousands of high quality gifts for corporate
Can I design different patterns on multiple same products?

Yes, expect “Order in bulk” products and a set of multiple products, other products are available for different designs. And they can also enjoy volume discount.

Can I choose products of other colors?

Most of our blank products are white because we need to consider of color display and printing effect. If corporate have got large demands of other colors, please contact us, we will provide you suggestions or plans according to the product supplying and your picture/logo.

Which delivery method does KUSDOM normally use?


1.Pick up by customer at SF Station

2.Home delivery to the designated address


1. 7-11 delivery: need ≦ 45cm * 30cm * 30cm, the weight must not exceed 5 kg

2. Home delivery to the designated address

Other regions:

1.Home delivery to the designated address

We offer two shipping methods. They are Standard and Express with different delivery time.

What need to pay attention to when customizing products?

1.In order to achieve the best printing results, it is recommended to refer to the actual size of the product and ensure your picture has 150 DPI and relevant pixel. It can avoid unclear printing.
2.Every product’s do have their own production information, design tips and advice to the customers. Base on different products which have different requirement and product color on website will be affected by different shooting angles and monitors.
3.We accept the following file types: png, jpg.
4.KUSDOM takes all original works from artists as treasures, please don’t use unauthorized design to create your products.

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