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$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/CA2013 7.5200
2939 2939 2939 Detachable Phone Strap
4.6 207
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Group your creations to make an exquisite gift set with a gift box
Provide thousands of high quality gifts for corporate
What need to pay attention to when customizing products?

1.In order to achieve the best printing results, it is recommended to refer to the actual size of the product and ensure your picture has 150 DPI and relevant pixel. It can avoid unclear printing.
2.Every product’s do have their own production information, design tips and advice to the customers. Base on different products which have different requirement and product color on website will be affected by different shooting angles and monitors.
3.We accept the following file types: png, jpg.
4.KUSDOM takes all original works from artists as treasures, please don’t use unauthorized design to create your products.

Does product have got individual package?

Yes, expect “Order in bulk” products and a set of multiple products, other product has got its own individual package. This is also the same with corporate order.

Will KUSDOM help to design?

KUSDOM is a self-service customize platform. Generally, the whole process from product selecting, designing to order placing, will be completed by customers themselves. For corporate customers, KUSDOM may give some advice or help you to typeset the logo or pattern simply; if you need advanced design service, we’ll ask for some extra fee, please contact us to know more details.

Can I design different patterns on multiple same products?

Yes, expect “Order in bulk” products and a set of multiple products, other products are available for different designs. And they can also enjoy volume discount.

當要向多個家庭成員贈送禮物時,找到合適的禮物並不總是那麽容易。您應該預訂旅行、計劃晚餐還是送一些更 DIY 的禮物?無論您是在為全家人尋找一份特別的節日禮物、一份人人都會喜歡的紀念品,還是只是想找一些小東西來提醒您的家人您有多麽愛他們,這些禮物創意都能滿足您的需求。幸運的是,貼心且獨特的禮物就在那裏,而且並不難找到,因為我們收集了每個人都可以享受的最好的家庭禮物
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