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15-20% off discount for two of the same product
$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/CA3199 10.8800
805 805 805 iPhone Xs Bumper Case
5 432
Very good!
Provide thousands of high quality gifts for corporate
$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/CA3200 17.9000
806 806 806 iPhone Xs Clear Bumper Case(Black aperture )
4.6 54
Very good!
$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/CA3202 22.5000
812 812 812 iPhone Xs Glossy Case
4.8 131
Very good!
$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/CA3203 22.5000
813 813 813 iPhone Xs Matt Case
4.6 241
Very good!
$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/CA3179 22.9000
781 781 781 iPhone Xs Clear Case
4.7 347
Very good!
$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/CA3192 19.9000
802 802 802 iPhone Xs TPU Dual Layer Bumper Case
5 403
Very good!
Group your creations to make an exquisite gift set with a gift box
$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/CA3182 22.9000
785 785 785 iPhone Xs Transparent Bumper Case
4.8 244
Very good!
Will KUSDOM help to design?

KUSDOM is a self-service customize platform. Generally, the whole process from product selecting, designing to order placing, will be completed by customers themselves. For corporate customers, KUSDOM may give some advice or help you to typeset the logo or pattern simply; if you need advanced design service, we’ll ask for some extra fee, please contact us to know more details.

Which delivery method does KUSDOM normally use?


1.Pick up by customer at SF Station

2.Home delivery to the designated address


1. 7-11 delivery: need ≦ 45cm * 30cm * 30cm, the weight must not exceed 5 kg

2. Home delivery to the designated address

Other regions:

1.Home delivery to the designated address

We offer two shipping methods. They are Standard and Express with different delivery time.

Can I choose products of other colors?

Most of our blank products are white because we need to consider of color display and printing effect. If corporate have got large demands of other colors, please contact us, we will provide you suggestions or plans according to the product supplying and your picture/logo.

Does product have got individual package?

Yes, expect “Order in bulk” products and a set of multiple products, other product has got its own individual package. This is also the same with corporate order.

為你的個人空間打造一個全新的外觀樣式其實並不需要太多的花費和時間,有很多簡單的方法可以讓你的家變得更有格調。想讓家居空間煥然一新,你可以嘗試使用一些新的物品和元素,創造不同的風格。 即使是一個小變化有時候也能為你的房間帶來很大的影響,下面小編將為你帶來8種簡單又省錢的方法,希望能為你的家居裝飾理念帶來一些靈感。
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為你的男友預備一份理想的聖誕禮物其實並不是一件很難的事情,你只需要足夠了解他的個性風格和喜好。我們這份清單裡幾乎囊括了在聖誕節日中可以為他做的事情:你可以選擇購買或是自己DIY一個聖誕禮物。 把你最喜歡的照片印在畫布上,或者為他選一個精緻的酒壺,下面每一個創意都能盡情展示你的愛意。
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Templates & Designers' Works
No ideas? Use our templates! Just change your pictures and text on it, or choose the style you like and buy directly. The Kusdom marketplace gathers designer works from all over the world, all works are unique.
Custom Name iPhone Xs Clear Case
Change the image or text directly to make the personalized product
$ 2099-12-31 22.9000
Custom Name iPhone Xs Clear Case
4.9 74
Very good!
Design inspiration