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15-20% off discount for two of the same product
$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/AS1482 15.9000
2756 2756 2756 Cigarette case
4.9 489
Very good!
Group your creations to make an exquisite gift set with a gift box
Provide thousands of high quality gifts for corporate
Which delivery method does KUSDOM normally use?


1.Pick up by customer at SF Station

2.Home delivery to the designated address


1. 7-11 delivery: need ≦ 45cm * 30cm * 30cm, the weight must not exceed 5 kg

2. Home delivery to the designated address

Other regions:

1.Home delivery to the designated address

We offer two shipping methods. They are Standard and Express with different delivery time.

Will KUSDOM help to design?

KUSDOM is a self-service customize platform. Generally, the whole process from product selecting, designing to order placing, will be completed by customers themselves. For corporate customers, KUSDOM may give some advice or help you to typeset the logo or pattern simply; if you need advanced design service, we’ll ask for some extra fee, please contact us to know more details.

Does product have got individual package?

Yes, expect “Order in bulk” products and a set of multiple products, other product has got its own individual package. This is also the same with corporate order.

Can I design different patterns on multiple same products?

Yes, expect “Order in bulk” products and a set of multiple products, other products are available for different designs. And they can also enjoy volume discount.

新年是向某人表達對過去一年所做的一切的感激之情的美好時刻。新年禮物還表達了你們共同期待新的一年。無論你是在為你的另一半還是最好的朋友尋找新年禮物創意,你都可以找到一份能讓他們臉上露出笑容的個性化禮物。新的一年的開始是珍惜舊回憶、準備創造新回憶的絕佳機會。這個新年,從正確的開始,向你的朋友和家人贈送來自 Kusdom的精美 個性化禮物 。只需單擊一下即可幫助你所愛的人度過最美好的一年所需的一切。
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Templates & Designers' Works
No ideas? Use our templates! Just change your pictures and text on it, or choose the style you like and buy directly. The Kusdom marketplace gathers designer works from all over the world, all works are unique.
Custom Text Cigarette case
Change the image or text directly to make the personalized product
$ 2099-12-31 15.9000
Custom Text Cigarette case
4.8 199
Very good!
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