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OnlyPlush pet throw pillow
8 in total
Throw Pillow 16" x 16"
White Linen Throw Pillow 16"x16"
Accent Pillow 16'' x 24''
Round Throw Pillow 16" x 16"
Body Pillow
Throw Pillow 24" x 24"
Throw Pillow 20" x 20"
Flaxen Linen Throw Pillow 16"x16"
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$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/HS3158 37.8000
1014 1014 1014 Plush pet throw pillow
4.6 267
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Plush pet throw pillow
Designed By 胖鯊魚鯊西米
$ 2099-12-31 49.14
5.0 378
Very good!
Plush pet throw pillow
Designed By 胖鯊魚鯊西米
$ 2099-12-31 53.99
5.0 212
Very good!
Design inspiration

How to select the pillow according to materials in KUSDOM

We always use high quality PP cotton for the internal filling of pillow. This kind of material has got a good flexibility and well extrusion resistant. The outer fabric material is mainly divided into fine plush and linen:

Fine Plush

It is also called crystal plush, because the gloss on the surface is like crystal. The hand feeling is very smooth and soft. Fine plush has got excellent insulation and wear resistance, so the throw pillow of this fabric is especially suitable for taking a rest in winter or air-conditioned room. The color rendering is also better than other common fabric, so the colors in the design can be extremely well represented in custom printing.


The linen fabric has a unique natural color, good breathability and heat dissipation. You will not feel hot when holding it in summer. For people with sensitive skin, this nature fabric has got bacteriostatic action.


How to create your own perfect custom pillow gift

Record Your Memorable Moments

Whether your first date, wedding anniversary, or the collage graduation, print these memorable moments on the pillow with special date. Just make your pillow gift a movable album.

Private Gallery

Whether you're an illustrator, a designer or just a common people who loves painting, there’s nothing greater than add your art work on the pillows and create a private pillow gallery in your own space.

Wise Words

Get inspiration from your favorite famous saying and self-approval, it’s also a very good pillow customization idea.

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