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OnlyLarge Opening Sports Water Bottle,20oz
Cola Shape Water Bottle, 17oz
Double Wall Stainless Steel Thermal Tumbler, 15oz
Frosted Glass Water Bottle, 17oz
Stainless Steel Sports Vacuum Mug, 12oz
Vacuum Cup with Lid Cover, 17oz
Large Opening Sports Water Bottle,20oz
Nestlé Gift Set
Stainless Steel Thermal Tumbler, 16oz
Glass Bottle, 13oz
Japanese style Stainless Steel Hip Flask, 4oz
Kid Thermal Bottle with Lanyard, 12oz
Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle, 20oz
Stainless Steel Thermal Tumbler, 20oz
Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle, 12oz
Soda Can Shaped Thermal Bottle, 10oz
White Sports Water Bottle, 20oz
Glass Bottle, 13oz
Memo Bottle, 13oz
Silver Sports Water Bottle, 20oz
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1017 1017 1017 Large Opening Sports Water Bottle,20oz Kusdom
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Designed Templates
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Custom Collage Large Opening Sports Water Bottle,20oz
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$ 2099-12-31 /create/product/KC3119 19.9000
Large Opening Sports Water Bottle,20oz Kusdom
4.7 447
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6206635554 6206635554 6206635554 sb 大口徑運動水樽, 20oz Kusdom
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What Should to Pay Attention When Choosing a Water Bottle According to the Material

Glass Water Bottle
The first choice for drinking should be glass bottle, especially for office or home usage. In water bottles of all materials, glass bottles are the most safest and healthier. Glass water bottles are made of inorganic salts, there are no organic chemicals in the firing process. When we drinking water or other drinks, we’ll never worry about chemical substances. The surface of the glass is smooth so it’s very easy to clean. The only thing to notice is, do not pour hot water into a glass water bottle at too low temperature to prevent it from bursting.

Plastic Water Bottle
Plastic water bottle is well received by many people because its changeable appearance, various color and wear resistance. It’s very applicable for commuters and outdoor lovers. Generally, the representative material is PP plastic, which has got a good heat resistance and stability for hot water, coffee, juice, cola or other drinks. We do not recommend common plastic bottle because the common plastic is easy to dissolve macromolecule into water when holding boiling water. It’s  harmful to health. So the choice of plastic material is very important for plastic bottle. All of KUSDOM's plastic water bottles are made of high-quality food-grade PP plastic which can rest assured use. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Stainless steel bottle has got the advantages of strong and durable character, rust protection and corrosion protection. But it’s a kind of alloy product, so if not used properly, the heavy metals will be released into water which is harmful for health. Therefore, do not use stainless steel bottle to drink acid drinks like juice, sodas. The electrolyte in these drinks may produce chemical reaction with heavy metals in stainless steel. When you wash the bottle, please do not use chemical agent that is strongly alkaline or oxidizing.

Tips for Purchasing Water Bottle

Check the sealing
If you buy a water bottle with a lid, make sure its cornice and lid are sealed. It’s the key point for checking water seepage and insulation.

Check the heat preservation
For double vacuum insulated water bottle, you can pour some hot water and cover the lid. Touch the body, if there is obvious temperature outside the bottle, which means insulation performance is not up to standard.

Select the size
You have to consider about the size and capacity of the water bottle before purchasing. If only for home or office usage, 350ml for men and 250ml for women is enough. If it’s for outdoor sport, you have to consider for not only the capacity but also the portability.