Price Range
Production Time
54 in total
15W Wireless Charging Pad
10W Wireless Charging Pad
10000mAh Built-in 3 in 1 Digital indicator Power Bank
10000mAh Multi-Functional Power Bank with Night Light
5000mAh Magnetic Quick Charging Power Bank (Dual-use of Wired and Wireless Charging)
Foldable Fan with Power Bank & Phone Holder
Handheld Bladeless Fan
Hang-on-neck Style Fan
iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Phone Case with Power Bank
Lanyard Foldable Fan with Power Bank
Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad
Overlock Rectangle Mouse Pad (Large)
Overlock Rectangle Mouse Pad (Small)
Overlock Round Mouse Pad
TWS Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine with UV Sterilizing Light
5000mAh Digital indicator power bank with sucking discs
8000/10000mAh Power Bank with Lightning and Type-C Ports
Ultrasonic Nano Humidifier
Wrist Rest Keyboard Pad
Wrist Rest Mouse Pad
2500mAh Power Bank
6700mAh Power Bank (Dual-use of Wired and Wireless Charging)
8000mAh Rectangle Power Bank
8000mAh Square Power Bank
Card Bluetooth Speaker
5000mAh Power Bank (Dual-use of Wired and Wireless Charging)
Phone Grip Stand Pop Socket
Slim Card USB Flash Drive, 128GB
UV Phone Sanitizer
UV Phone Sanitzer
Bluetooth Speaker (Wood Grain Texture )
GT Sonic X1 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Metal Phone Ring Stand - Round
Phone Ring Stand - Round
Rectangle Mouse Pad
Rectangle Mouse Pad 31"X 12"
Wireless Headphone
Xiao Mi 20000mAh Type-c Power Bank
10000mAh Imitation Leather Power Bank
3 in 1 5000mAh Imitation Leather Power Bank
4000mAh Power Bank
Wireless Mouse
Laptop Sleeve 10.5" inch
Laptop Sleeve 13 inch
Laptop Sleeve 15 inch
Phone Ring Stand - Oral
Wireless Keyboard
Round Mouse Pad
Bathroom Scale
Universal Adapter (4 USB Ports)
4000mAh Imitation Leather Power Bank
Universal Adapter (2 USB Ports)
Heart Shaped Mouse Pad
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