GeGe&Mr.charribi 10000mah Power Bank

10000mAh Imitation Leather Power Bank

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10000mAh Imitation Leather Power Bank 

Be the designer by yourself, create your power bank by using your creativity. Portable, convenient for charging, large capacity, no need to worry about outing

Built-in data line, no worry about knotted line 

Light body with memorable value, suitable for personal accessories or gift for others

Feel that power banks selling on market look all the same or you want something stands out of the crowd?

Maybe you can try to print your own picture or design on the power bank. It should be completely different

Fashion leather texture, perfectly match your mobile phone, believe that they are absolutely suited

Exclusive customization: make the power bank full of your memory and emotion

・Dimensions: 14.7 cm x 7.6 cm x 1 cm
・Material: PC

・Input: DC5V/2.0A

・Output:DC5V/ 2.1A

・Battery capacity: 10000 mAh 

・Weight: 223g

・Four-stage LED power indicators, grasp the situation of power supply at any time

・Textured imitation leather design, is the perfect couple of your phone

・Ultra light and thin, only about the size of an iPhone6 plus

・Input ports: Micro Input

・Output ports: USB output/Android output, with extra Lighting port

・Built-in Android output cable, available for various of mobile devices

・Provide perfect after-sale service: 6-month maintenance (non-human factors breakdown)

・Built-in Micro USB line, can charge for smart phone, tablet, camera or other USB devices

・Please read the instruction carefully before use

・Notice: please unplug it immediately after full-charged to prevent power loss

・Customization: available printing for selfie, family or pet photo and text

・Customized color printing for single side, available for selfie, family or pet photo and text





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4.9  (Comments from 52 customer(s))
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    收到之後很喜歡 能收到想要的成品 心情很好
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  • I like it !!
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    Good quality and fair price. Quick delivery
  • 行動電源
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    Nice product, good material, excellent print
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    love this product!
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    製作時間短卻仍然完美,朋友收到時超驚喜! 真的超推!
  • Excellent service
    Reviewed by Mike J. Jun 26,2019
    Excellent work and image.
  • 外觀很美
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  • Received promptly
    Reviewed by Katy Muncy Jun 19,2019
    Received promptly and very happy how the printing turned out.
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  • 好用
    Reviewed by Bonny Chu Jan 27,2019 See translation
  • Great!
    Reviewed by Eva Dec 20,2018 See translation
    I created this for my husband for Christmas. He hasn’t seen it yet, but I know he will love it!!
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How can I choose the appropriate power bank?
The bigger capacity power bank has got a longer battery life, but it will be heavier in relative terms. KUSDOM has got multiple capacities for choice: we suggest 2500mAh~5000mAh for emergency demand, and capacity over 10000mAh for business trip or long journey.
Does the power bank have guarantee period?
Yes, we 've got 1 year guarantee for non-human factor damage.
Can I charge the bank while charging a device?
No, we wouldn't recommend doing that with any charging bank.
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Design Specs
Printing size 7.6 x 15.3 cm
Recommended Resolution 150dpi or above
Advice to customers
Specification Request Please provide 150 DPI resolution picture or more and same as the size of the printed product design ( 1 : 1 )
Printing position Please note that the above renderings, for reference only. Printing products authentic to the actual product. (The printing position may be a slight deviation.)
Color Differences Please note that the different colors of material printed pattern will be 5-10 % color effects.
Advice to User
File Request please provide 150 DPI or above resolution picture. We recommend that referring to the printing size of the product to adjust the image size and resolution; or same as the size of the printed product design (1: 1); or larger than the recommended size to ensure the best printing quality when the product is made.
Design Tips Put all important image and text inside the solid orange line (the printing area). Also, keep a certain distance from the solid orange line to avoid cutting off during printing.

Product printing may be blurred if over-enlarge the picture.
Important Notice
Color Difference Product color on website will be affected by different shooting angles and monitors
Position Deviation There is alignment and cut out process during production. Thus, there may be position deviation
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