violet buldenez Card Holder with Lanyard

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Card Holder with Lanyard
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  • 很滿意
    Reviewed by Din Chan Sep 13,2020 See translation
  • 質感好好唷,是我喜歡的!
    Reviewed by 姿苓 Sep 12,2020 See translation
  • 立刻使用
    Reviewed by 潘駿強 Sep 12,2020 See translation
  • 顏色深一點
    Reviewed by Shu-Yu Wu Aug 15,2020 See translation
  • 很漂亮呢
    Reviewed by Tsz Man Lam Aug 14,2020 See translation
  • 很快便收到!
    Reviewed by Norris Law Jul 31,2020 See translation
  • 繩子有點長
    Reviewed by Leslie Jul 28,2020 See translation
  • Very good
    Reviewed by Daisy Chan Jul 20,2020
    Very good
  • 質感很好
    Reviewed by JessiCa Jul 16,2020 See translation
  • 有問題直接溝通
    Reviewed by Tensi Jul 15,2020 See translation
  • 還有小禮物
    Reviewed by juneyau68 Jul 15,2020 See translation
  • 滿意的
    Reviewed by Emily Jul 15,2020 See translation
  • 質感好,很喜歡
    Reviewed by Chan Kenice Jul 15,2020 See translation
  • 非常喜歡
    Reviewed by frog2pig184 Jul 14,2020 See translation
  • 送禮自用兩相宜
    Reviewed by kenny Jul 13,2020 See translation
  • 收到,很喜歡
    Reviewed by Chun Jul 13,2020 See translation
  • 整體很喜歡
    Reviewed by Yuenmei Ng Jul 09,2020 See translation
  • 非常滿意👍
    Reviewed by 曾涵政 Jun 25,2020 See translation
  • A bit disappointed with the print quality
    Reviewed by Vicki Szeto Jun 17,2020
    Image is not clear and the color is reddish
  • 很漂亮噢!!
    Reviewed by dailylike Jun 16,2020 See translation
  • 讚讚
    Reviewed by Annie Kuo Jun 14,2020 See translation
  • 整體不錯
    Reviewed by Sammie Wu Jun 08,2020 See translation
  • 還不錯唷!
    Reviewed by Ivy Chang Jun 04,2020 See translation
  • 讚讚哦
    Reviewed by 藍天W May 06,2020 See translation
  • 很喜歡
    Reviewed by elaine30541 May 05,2020 See translation
  • 會推薦
    Reviewed by Chien-Yu Chen May 04,2020 See translation
  • 有質感
    Reviewed by Yuncheng Chang May 04,2020 See translation
  • 有點刮傷,反應後客服處理很好
    Reviewed by tzusiki Apr 28,2020 See translation
  • 很喜歡!
    Reviewed by havy leung Apr 28,2020 See translation
  • 收到了 好喜歡!
    Reviewed by wen Mar 31,2020 See translation
    自己做的證件套 天天上班都開心 !! 謝謝
  • 質感不錯
    Reviewed by Justin Mar 17,2020 See translation
    質感還不錯 !
  • 喜歡 !
    Reviewed by 李 宣 Feb 07,2020 See translation
    商品太喜歡了 :))
  • 喜歡
    Reviewed by Sarah Tan May 09,2019 See translation
  • 喜歡
    Reviewed by Sarah Tan May 09,2019 See translation
  • 收到了喲~
    Reviewed by Sharon Ching Mar 15,2019 See translation
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About This Product
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Card Holder with Lanyard
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Card Holder with Lanyard

A great many companies will choose to customize card holder. But the common card holder has got limited area for printing, and the color and style for choice are monotonous. You’ll never want to wear it after working. In fact, card holder is not the product only for working people. For students, it can be the holder for student card or library card, you never have to worry about losing it. For people who don’t carry bags, it can be put in bank card, identity card and some coins. Just hang it on neck by its lanyard, liberate your hands and enjoy free trip. KUSDOM provides single-side color printing, you can customize your favorite picture, pattern, color or text to make it not only a card holder but also a decoration. 


・Card holder dimensions: 7.7 x 11.6 x 0.3 cm
・Lanyard length: 48 cm
・Material: PU


Design Specs
Printing size 7.7 x 11.2 cm
Recommended Resolution 150dpi or above
Advice to customers
Specification Request Please provide 150 DPI resolution picture or more and same as the size of the printed product design ( 1 : 1 )
Printing position Please note that the above renderings, for reference only. Printing products authentic to the actual product. (The printing position may be a slight deviation.)
Color Differences Please note that the different colors of material printed pattern will be 5-10 % color effects.
Advice to User
File Request please provide 150 DPI or above resolution picture. We recommend that referring to the printing size of the product to adjust the image size and resolution; or same as the size of the printed product design (1: 1); or larger than the recommended size to ensure the best printing quality when the product is made.
Design Tips Put all important image and text inside the solid orange line (the printing area). Also, keep a certain distance from the solid orange line to avoid cutting off during printing.

Product printing may be blurred if over-enlarge the picture.
Important Notice
Color Difference Product color on website will be affected by different shooting angles and monitors
Position Deviation There is alignment and cut out process during production. Thus, there may be position deviation
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