iPhone X 鋼化玻璃透明殼

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색상: Transparent
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  • 第二次購買了,一樣令人喜愛
    Peggy Hsieh 의 평가 Sep 02,2019

  • Great case
    Claudia Fok의 평가 Jun 14,2019
    The case is fantastic! It’s hard plastic on the back with rubberised sides which means that your phone will survive any bumps or drops. It’s light weight and does not add much bulk to your phone.
  • GOOD
    santia0914의 평가 May 14,2019
  • it's cute
    Valerie의 평가 May 03,2019
    Printing turned out wonderfully!
  • iPhone X 手機殼
    Nancy Cheang의 평가 Nov 08,2018
    但整體還是很漂亮 很喜歡
  • Now I can enjoy my new phone without worrying all the time
    Jade F.의 평가 Oct 04,2018
    Very happy with my purchase,
    Love the case, shows off the beauty of the phone

  • iPhone Case
    TATIAN C.의 평가 Sep 24,2018
    This is a super stylish and simple case
    just what I wanted!
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iPhone X Clear Case

Different phone case becomes the perfect expression of fashion and personality in our daily life, which make it a necessary accessory for mobile phone. The clothes are particular about style, color or patterns, so is phone case. Most people think the transparent case is toneless, but some one doesn’t want the case shield the unique color of their brand mobile phones. This transparent case in KUSDOM is made of TPU material + acrylic board; compared with other materials, acrylic is stronger and more wear-resistant. It’s transparent like glass and not easy to turn yellow. You can print photo or create any picture, pattern or text on case to make the phone can not only show the personalized design but also present the beauty of the real machine.

・Designed for the iPhone X with 5.8 inch screen
・Features a soft touch finished

설계 사양
인쇄 크기 6.5 x 13.8 cm
Advice to User
File Request please provide 150 DPI or above resolution picture. We recommend that referring to the printing size of the product to adjust the image size and resolution; or same as the size of the printed product design (1: 1); or larger than the recommended size to ensure the best printing quality when the product is made.
Design Tips Put all important image and text inside the solid orange line (the printing area). Also, keep a certain distance from the solid orange line to avoid cutting off during printing.

Product printing may be blurred if over-enlarge the picture.
Important Notice
Color Difference Product color on website will be affected by different shooting angles and monitors
Position Deviation There is alignment and cut out process during production. Thus, there may be position deviation
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