Warranty Policy
This product is able to enjoy a one-year warranty from the day of receipt. The warranty covers non-man-made damage of product and its accessories, and printing off. Click Warranty Policy to view more details.
1. Return & Replacement
According to our return policy, We offer 30 days satisfaction guarantee for you to return or replace any damaged order within 30 days of your receipt of the product. After 30 days, only specified products sold on this website accept replacement within the warranty period, but do not accept return and refund.
2. Warranty Period
a. The specified products on KUSDOM might enjoy one-year warranty from the day of receipt (exclude non-man-made damage). You can check if the product is within warranty on the product details page.
b. If the product goes out of production, KUSDOM will choose similar product to replace it after communicating with customers.
3. Warranty Certificate
a. Within the warranty period, if you have warranty demands, please fill in application form below and submit product photos. Please try to describe the product or the printing problem in details. And please show the problem area clearly in your uploading photos.
b. Make sure you receive instant reply e-mail once you submit the form.
c. Please check your email regularly and wait for our reply patiently. If you haven’t received any email within 48 hours, we suggest you to check the spam email, or you can leave your contact number for direct communication with our after-sale service staff.
4. Warranty Coverage
a. If the product is verified to belong to KUSDOM, KUSDOM allows maintenance or replacement for the non-man-made damage of the product or accessories within warranty period.
b. If the product is verified to belong to KUSDOM, KUSDOM allows maintenance or replacement for the non-man-made scratching, wearing or printing off within warranty period.
c. If KUSDOM allows to replace the problem product, customer should not ask for changing the original design.
d. KUSDOM reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions above.
5. Invalid Conditions within Warranty Period
Warranty Policies are invalid under situations below:
a. Damage to the product or its accessories caused by improper use, maintenance or storage.
b. Product aging, wear and tear caused by normal use, and does not affect the normal use of the product.
c. Printing damage caused by improper use.
d. No warranty certificate or descriptions of certificate are inconsistent with realities.
Warranty Product Range
UV Sterilizer
Wireless Charger
Tech Accessories
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Travel Adapter
6. Application Process
If you satisfy all requirements above, please fill in the form below and send back the damage product and accessories to given address in email after receiving the reply from KUSDOM.
Warranty Claim
Submit your application online, and then someone will contact you.

(We recommend the use of Gmail mailbox to avoid mail being blocked by the system)
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